Health Informatics

A female medical professional wears a white lab coat while looking at radiographic film.

Nine Reasons to Switch Careers to Health Informatics

Patient care and medical research generate massive quantities of data, so the job outlook for professionals in informatics, health data analytics and health IT is strong. Here's how to switch careers to work in these fields.

A male frontline health care worker in blue scrubs and personal protective equipment looks directly into the camera.

5 Career Changers Who Should Get an Online Master's in Health Informatics

Many frontline health care workers earn an online master's in health informatics program in order to take on new roles with more regular hours, less stress and remote work opportunities.

A woman typing on a computer next to a stethoscope.

Why Health Informatics Is Its Own Discipline

With a master's degree in the field of health informatics, you might launch a career capturing, analyzing and communicating data to support patient care, health care administration or medical and public health research.

Professor Valerie Watzlaf.

Professor Valerie Watzlaf Wrote the Book on Health Informatics Research

"We used to have these huge books where you'd have to look for the medical code. Those won't even exist anymore. Everything will truly be digital or electronic."

An assortment of colorful and different-shaped pills.

MS in Health Informatics: Learning & Career Outcomes

An MS in Health Informatics from Pitt SHRS is an asset no matter where you are in your career.

A pulse oximeter on a hand against a white background.

Health Informatics: Careers and Salary Expectations

A health informatics master's degree can lead you down many different career paths.