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A male frontline health care worker in blue scrubs and personal protective equipment looks directly into the camera.

5 Career Changers Who Should Get an Online Master's in Health Informatics

Many frontline health care workers earn an online master's in health informatics program in order to take on new roles with more regular hours, less stress and remote work opportunities.

 Multiple rows of face masks and syringes against a white background.

What Degree(s) Do You Need to Become a PA?

To become a PA, you must complete a physician assistant education program such as Pitt's hybrid PA program. However, that's only step one.

 A PA in light pink scrubs administers a vaccination to a patient.

What Is a PA?

PAs—also known as physician assistants or physician associates—are patient care providers that diagnose injuries and illnesses, create treatment plans and prescribe medications

A bold, color-blocked mural of two helping hands.

Addressing the Challenges of Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy

The benefits of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy cannot be overstated. Over 90% of OTs agree that EBP is 'necessary to practice,' and 'helps in decision making.'

Pamela Toto

What Makes an Occupational Therapist Successful? A Deep Dive With CScD in OT Program Director, Pam Toto

A lot of people who come to our occupational therapy program are frustrated because they don't know how to achieve success for their clients or for the health system.

Women typing on a computer next to a stethoscope.

Why Health Informatics Is Its Own Discipline

With a master's degree in the field of health informatics, you might launch a career capturing, analyzing and communicating data to support patient care, health care administration or medical and public health research.