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A man sits with his legs crossed as he reviews data on an iPad screen.

10 Required Skills for Future Health Informatics Specialists

Health informatics is the future of medicine and medical research. As the rate of data generation in health care has increased, so has the need for qualified domain experts capable of working with Big Data in this complex sector.

A woman stands and smiles while wearing a green graduation cap.

The Top Salary Boosting Skills You'll Develop in an MSHI Program

Informaticists are already some of the highest earners in non-clinical health care jobs. However, informatics specialists with the following skills can earn even more.

A medical professional holds a stethoscope to a young child's chest who is sitting on a woman's lap.

Should I Become a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner?

The question 'Should I be a physician assistant or nurse practitioner?' is a challenging one to answer. The only way to determine which career will be the best fit is to research both.

A medical professional ties on their surgical cap while wearing a blue face mask and scrubs.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Physician Assistant?

Determining how long it will take you to become a PA involves more than looking at the length of physician assistant master's programs. Step one is learning about the PA program prerequisites and course structure, as well as how to get licensed.

Students sit in a lecture hall while a professor lectures.

What Will You Learn in a PA Master's Program?

The path to becoming a PA is relatively straightforward but also intense. Before you embark on this academic journey, be sure you understand what you'll learn in a traditional or hybrid PA program.

A female medical professional wears a white lab coat while looking at radiographic film.

Nine Reasons to Switch Careers to Health Informatics

Patient care and medical research generate massive quantities of data, so the job outlook for professionals in informatics, health data analytics and health IT is strong. Here's how to switch careers to work in these fields.