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Tuition Costs

Students have the option to enroll in the CScD in Occupational Therapy degree program or the Advanced Practice Certificate in Implementation of Evidence in Clinical Practice.

Cost per credit in the online CScD in Occupational Therapy program is currently $1,150 (based on 2021-2022 academic year rates).

Degree Program (with credit transfer)


Tuition Per Credit Hour


Total Credit Hours


Total Cost of Attendance

Advanced Practice Certificate


Tuition Per Credit Hour


Total Credit Hours


Total Cost of Attendance

*Tuition is based on 2021-2022 academic year rates and is subject to change.

Is This a Good Investment?

Graduates from programs like ours often find employment in a range of occupational therapy roles with a median salary of $84,950. Since each graduate is unique, you should evaluate your personal goals after graduation to assess your earning potential.

Occupational Therapy Earning Potential

Average Salary by Major Type of Employment Environment

JobAverage Salary$68,000$99,000
Nursing care facilities (skilled nursing facilities)$90,830
Home health care services$89,220
Offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologists$87,190
Hospitals; state, local, and private$85,510
Elementary and secondary schools; state, local, and private$74,610


How Will You Pay Tuition?

Students have a variety of options to fund their tuition, some of which are listed below. Consult with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid when determining what’s best for you.

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