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What is a Health Informatics Consultant?

Health informatics consultants are support professionals responsible for the systems and databases that health care organizations and facilities use to maintain patient records. Industry advances in health IT and emerging digital health technologies are forcing health care organizations to keep up. Due to this growing need, the demand for health informatics consultants is increasing.

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The Role of Health Care IT in the Future

In February 2009, President Obama passed the Health Information Technology for Economic Clinical Health (HITECH) Act as part of the economic stimulus bill known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Since then, more and more health care providers are abandoning the old ways of paper and filing and entering the digital age.

Three people around a laptop.

MS in Health Informatics: Learning & Career Outcomes

Many of those entering a Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) program are currently working in IT or in the health care industry, but many others are using the program to make a career change. Whether you are looking to advance an existing career or want to pursue a new career in health informatics, completing an MSHI program will certainly make a difference on your resume.

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The Role of Data Analytics in Health Care

Data Analytics is the process of examining raw datasets to find trends, draw conclusions and identify the potential for improvement.

Nicole Adisey

Nicole Adisey - A True Calling

A career in health informatics was always the plan for Nicole Adisey. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management at the University of Pittsburgh, completed two relevant internships, and began work as an associate business systems analyst at a health IT company shortly after graduation.

Dr. Dilhari DeAlmeida

Dr. Dilhari DeAlmeida

Dr. Dilhari DeAlmeida is currently serving as an associate professor for the Department of Health Information Management (HIM) at the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her BS in Molecular Biology, pursuing a career in that field for nearly a decade before changing direction.