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PAS 2407 – Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms of Health and Disease (1 credit)

November 8, 2022

This course introduces the student to the understanding of genetic and molecular medicine as it applies to clinical practice. A strong knowledge base of cell structure, genetic variation, inheritance patterns and specific genetic disorders is required. In addition to knowledge, the application of genetic knowledge and molecular medicine involves the development and integration of skills including but not limited to: accurate history taking; creation of precise documentation of and interpretation of the pedigree; integration of genetic understanding into patient assessment; comprehension of the role of genetic testing and counseling; and management and referral of patients with genetic issues. Physician assistant students must be familiar with the most common clinical genetic diseases, as well as the ethical, legal and social issues of genetics. Due to the constantly changing knowledge in this field, PA students must demonstrate the ability to utilize information literacy skills to ensure that as clinicians they are self-directed lifelong learners.