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PAS 2415 – Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures in Medicine 2 and Lab (3 credits)

November 8, 2022

This course provides a foundation of clinical skills and diagnostic procedures that are commonly performed in patient care. Instruction for selected procedures and diagnostic tools will be presented to the student by various methods including theory discussion, rationale for procedure, identification of necessary equipment, principles of appropriate skill technique, demonstration of skill when applicable, skill practice time, identification of special clinical considerations and precautions, documentation aspects and recommended elements of patient education. Opportunities to observe certain procedures and diagnostic tools will be correlated when possible. Topics include GI procedures, NG tube placement, intravenous placement, central line monitoring, bladder catheterization, musculoskeletal procedures, immobilization, joint injection, lumbar puncture, electrocardiography and transfusion medicine. The laboratory component of this course will allow the student to practice the skills and procedures common to PA practice.