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Nicole Adisey – A True Calling

November 17, 2020

A career in health informatics was always the plan for Nicole Adisey. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management at the University of Pittsburgh, completed two relevant internships, and began work as an associate business systems analyst at a health IT company shortly after graduation. She knew the path she wanted to follow and has taken the steps to pursue it.

The decision to continue her education and pursue a Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) was an easy one. Like so many who have joined the Pitt family, Adisey chose to continue her journey as part of the University of Pittsburgh community.

Building on a Solid Foundation

Pitt’s MSHI program is more than just an extension of the undergraduate offerings; it was built to serve a diverse student body and prepare students for roles in all aspects of the health informatics industry.

The MSHI program caters to students of all backgrounds who are at varying stages in their careers. So the majority of students enter with a solid foundation of knowledge; Adisey was no different. The program goal is to build upon that foundation and create a solid skill set designed to grow with this ever-changing industry. Adisey believes Pitt achieved this, stating “this program sets you up to be successful and continue to grow.”

She’ll tell you that this program has opened her eyes to “how crucial health care is from start to finish.” The course curriculum and the students and faculty she works alongside have helped her grow and develop necessary leadership skills. She says that her courses helped identify her “strengths and weaknesses and how to grow those into professional skills.”

She is already putting the skills and knowledge she has learned to use: “I can use a lot of the ideas and discussions throughout the course and apply them to my organization to help improve processes.” In fact, the idea of an immediately applicable set of skills is one of the cornerstones of the program. Students like Alex Cutsumbis find this to be a top selling point for Pitt’s MSHI program.

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Finding a Strong Connection

Some may believe that there is a lack of connection and support in online programs like the University of Pittsburgh’s MSHI program. While that may be true for other programs, it couldn’t be further from reality for Pitt’s Master of Science in Health Informatics.

From professors to fellow students to alumni to the myriad of resources available to students, this program provides the much needed support that students seek. Having attended the undergraduate program on campus, Adisey was uncertain about the online nature of this program. She was far from disappointed by all of the resources made available to online students.

“There is no gap in resources or education between in-person and online students,” she says; something that pleasantly surprised her. Adisey values that, even though she is an online student, she feels “just as close” with her professors as she did as an on-campus undergrad.

She will tell you that “the professors are beyond supportive” and are more than willing to “work hand-in-hand with you on developing your knowledge and skills.” Her professors make themselves readily available via Zoom calls and email outside of class, providing support every step of the way.

It is more than just the professors, though. Adisey believes the diversity of the MSHI students helps to develop a support system that is built to last, stating: “the students have all been extremely helpful, especially because everyone has such a diverse background.” There is also an extensive alumni network available to current and former students. She appreciates that “there are always alumni who want to help other Pitt alumni.”

While the curriculum may be delivered online, it is not lacking in resources. Students have access to all the support they could possibly need throughout their time in the program. There will always be somewhere or someone for them to turn to for assistance.

Following the Right Path

Adisey’s path was clear: a career in health informatics. But she has found that after completing some of the courses and interacting with other students her goals have become more focused. The curriculum has allowed her to discover her strengths and explore the subjects she finds most intriguing.

She now knows that data analysis is a true passion and wants to push herself to continue to enhance her skills in this area. However, while data analysis was always her intended path, she’s discovered, after three semesters, that she wants to pursue a role in leadership and focus her “career path on process improvement and quality experience.”

Adisey always knew the career path she wanted to pursue. Pitt’s MSHI program has allowed her to experience all aspects of this industry and really blaze the trail that was right for her.

Opening Up Opportunities

Whether you have an interest in data science, general health informatics, health care supervision and management or Registered Health Information Administration (RHIA), the University of Pittsburgh’s Master of Science in Health Informatics can help you diversify your resume. Grow your skill set, open up your options and advance (or begin) your career in health informatics with an MSHI.

Health Informatics is the future of health care. The situation created by COVID-19 has only made the need for health informatics and qualified individuals more in demand.

No matter where you are in your current career or what your background is, this program can help you expand your options. If you’re interested in a career in Health Informatics, you can learn more about Pitt’s MSHI program.

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